Brian Cashman believes in players, staff

Brian Cashman believes the Yankees will turn things around in 2021.|Art or Photo Credit: AP

NEW YORK -- In times of crisis, Brian Cashman frequently leans upon nautical references, conjuring images of turbulent seas and stranded sailors swimming to shore. The Yankees general manager did so again on Monday, expressing disappointment with the club's sluggish start to the 2021 season and offering assurance that sunnier days will be ahead.

With his club off to their worst 15-game start since 1997, Cashman said he continues to believe that the roster is too talented to play this poorly over a 162-game schedule. Cashman also offered a vote of confidence that manager Aaron Boone and his coaching staff are the right people to pull the Yankees out of their current quagmire.

"We've had a lot of storms hit along the way, and change doesn't happen without a great deal of thought and reason," Cashman said. "We’re not reactive. I don’t see us reacting to shake up the roster too quickly, and I don’t see us not believing in the staff that we have, or the players that we have, either.