Aaron Judge talks re-signing with Yankees, becoming captain and more on The Tonight Show

Art or Photo Credit: Aaron Judge joins The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

What an offseason it has been for Aaron Judge.

The superstar outfielder joined The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Monday to discuss his free agency experience, how Anthony Rizzo (and Rizzo’s adorable Dachsund, “Kevin”) helped nudge Judge toward staying in the Bronx and what it was like to speak with Derek Jeter about holding the rare honor of being captain of the Yankees.

"Every athlete wants to get to that position where they can choose where they get to play. It just so happened that I got drafted by the best team on the planet,” Judge told Fallon. "I met a lot of great teams, a lot of great people along the way, but after every meeting I would sit down with my wife and we’d look at each other and be like, 'we’re Yankees.'"

In addition to his sit-down interview, Judge and Fallon also tested their trivia skills in a game called "Blow Your Mind," as the pair each donned vibrant long-haired neon-colored wigs for the occasion.

Judge has graced the Tonight Show airwaves twice before, first going "undercover" back in 2017 (asking local NYC fans questions about… Aaron Judge), and again last November to photo-bomb some unsuspecting fans in the MLB Flagship Store in Manhattan.

With less than a month until spring training camp gets underway down in Tampa, Judge is no doubt focusing on his eighth big-league season ahead, and how he can surpass the unforgettable record-breaking year he enjoyed in 2022.

Stay tuned to YES Network for all the latest Yankees news and storylines as a new MLB season quickly approaches in the Bronx, and check out the video below for Judge's full Tonight Show interview.