Cole to make significant donations to New York City relief

Gerrit Cole announced he and his wife Amy would be donating to an organization that is assisting health workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.|Art or Photo Credit: AP

Gerrit Cole has yet to throw his first regular-season pitch as a member of the Yankees, but as the coronavirus crisis continues in New York City, the ace right-hander is making his presence felt away from the field.

Cole told the New York Post on Thursday that he and his wife, Amy, plan to make "significant" donations to Direct Relief, an organization that coordinates with public health authorities and nonprofit organizations to assist health workers responding to COVID-19.

"Being within arm's length of this, with everybody in the tri-state area so heavily affected, we wanted to jump in and help as much as we could," Cole told the Post. "It will be rolling along in the next couple of days as far as contributing to New York. As the crisis evolves, we kind of evolve. I trust the people who are in charge of these foundations to get what we are giving them exactly where it is needed the most."

Direct Relief is expected to provide personal protective equipment and essential medical items to health workers, including masks, gloves, gowns and other gear.