Derek Jeter completes 'The Flip' on this day in 2001

Art or Photo Credit: MLB

On this day in 2001, Derek Jeter completed one of the most unique and unusual plays baseball fans have ever seen during the third game of the 2001 ALDS against the Oakland Athletics.

Yankees veteran right-hander Mike Mussina was on the mound facing Oakland left fielder Terrence Long, as designated hitter Jeremy Giambi stood on first base in the seventh inning.

With the A's trailing New York 1-0, Long laced a double off Mussina to right fielder Shane Spencer, who fielded and threw the ball toward home plate, hoping to prevent Giambi from scoring.

But instead of hitting cutoff man Tino Martinez at first base, Spencer's throw landed in no-man's-land between first and home as Giambi charged around the bases.

Determined to keep the Yankees' lead intact, The Captain sprinted to the bouncing ball and flipped it to catcher Jorge Posada like a shovel pass from a quarterback.

Posada turned his body and swiped the leg of Giambi in a bang-bang play at the plate. The umpire made the call. Giambi was out.

"The Flip" went down as one of the most iconic moment's of Jeter's legendary career, and vaulted the Yankees to three straight wins after they trailed 0-2 in the series, eventually advancing to the World Series for the 38th time in franchise history.

Mariano Rivera sealed the deal with a two-inning save that evening against an Oakland team that featured several future Yankees such as the aforementioned Terrence Long, as well as Eric Chavez, Johnny Damon and Jeremy's brother, Jason Giambi.

Watch the video below to relive one of the most memorable Yankees moments in history, courtesy of The Captain.