Flashback: Andy Hawkins loses despite allowing no hits

Andy Hawkins epitomized the term "tough-luck loser" on July 1, 1990.|Art or Photo Credit: AP

On July 1, 1990, New York Yankees pitcher Andy Hawkins threw one of the most peculiar games in baseball history when he allowed no hits to the Chicago White Sox ... and lost.

The game went into the bottom of the eighth tied at 0-0 when Hawkins retired the first two batters of the frame, but allowed Sammy Sosa to reach on a fielding error. The next two batters walked to load the bases for Robin Ventura, who hit a potential inning-ending fly ball to Jim Leyritz, but Leyritz dropped the ball allowing three runs to score. One more White Sox run came home on an error before Hawkins was finally able to put an end to the four-run inning.

The Yankees were unable to score in the top of the ninth, giving the White Sox the victory despite not picking up a single hit the entire game.

"'Everybody congratulated me ... but I gave up four runs and lost," Hawkins told reporters after his unlucky day on the mound. "I'm stunned that I threw a no-hitter, and I'm stunned that I got beat. I'll have to sleep on this.''

If that wasn't enough bad luck for one man, Hawkins' very next start saw him take a shutout into the 12th inning and ultimately take the loss as the Yankees fell 2-0 to the Twins. Tough break.

Hawkins was not the first pitcher (or pitching duo) in MLB history to toss a no-no and leave without a victory. In fact, it's happened a handful of times before and after his start that day in 1990.

Ken Johnson, Colt .45s - 4/23/64 vs. CIN - 9 IP, 1 R, 9 K/2 BB, L

Steve Barber & Stu Miller, Orioles - 4/30/67 vs. DET - 9 IP, 2 R, 3 K/10 BB, L

Matt Young, Red Sox - 4/12/92 vs. CLE - 8 IP, 2 R, 6 K/7 BB, L

Jered Weaver & Jose Arredondo, Angels - 6/28/08 vs. LAD - 8 IP, 1 R, 9 K/3 BB, L

Check out the video below to watch Hawkins' no-hitter in 1990 and visit the link here for more on these unlucky outings in baseball history.