Kenny Anderson talks Kyrie Irving, Drazen Petrovic and Jack Curran on Wednesday night's 'YES, We're Here'

Ian Eagle interviews Kenny Anderson on YES’ Nets-centric version of YES, We’re Here airing Wednesday at 7 p.m.. An edited transcript follows below.

In addition to the Anderson interview, Wednesday’s episode of YES, We’re Here will include Michael Grady interviewing Spencer Dinwiddie, along with other content. At 8 p.m. Wednesday, YES will present a new Nets Classic: the Feb. 4, 1993, Nets-SuperSonics game, which the Nets won, 113-103, in overtime. Drazen Petrovic scored 35 points for the Nets in that game, while Derrick Coleman had 20 points and 22 rebounds.

Edited Kenny Anderson-Ian Eagle Transcript:

Ian Eagle: “How are you feeling, first and foremost?”

Kenny Anderson: “I’m feeling fine, I’m getting back to normal, you know ... Before everything with the coronavirus went on, I was going to the doctor here at Vanderbilt, you know once a week, every Thursday to just get some of my memory back.”

Ian Eagle: “Anybody from Queens during that era knew about you when you were 12, 13. You were considered a prodigy, truly, and I did get to see you play in high school at Archbishop Molloy, and the Hall of Famer Jack Curran, who meant so much to you, and so much to your life. When you think of him, what are the images that come into your brain?”

Kenny Anderson: “All the coaches in my life, you know, are great, but there is only one that gets the dear heart that I have for any coach and that’s Jack Curran. I get a little emotional talking about coach Curran, man. Awe man, because uh, he’s uh, he was a great coach. Coach(ed) basketball, but just a great mentor. (Curran) actually coached baseball, he coached basketball, he just cared about all the kids that went to Molloy, he just cared about them. He was a great man.”

Ian Eagle: “I’m sure when you’re watching, your eyes gravitate towards the point guard because that’s what you were, that’s in your blood, that’s in your DNA. What do you see when you watch Kyrie Irving?”

Kenny Anderson: “I see me, but he’s a different ... he’s better than me man, he’s just awesome. He’s awesome with the ball, he’s clever with the ball, he can shoot, he can penetrate, he can do it all man, he’s just an awesome player, he’s awesome.”

Ian Eagle: “How about the move to Brooklyn? You’re a New York guy at heart, have you enjoyed watching this team transition to a new home and the way that the borough has embraced them?”

Kenny Anderson: “Yeah, I really love it, you know, I wish I was back playing. I wish they would have drafted me; the Brooklyn Nets would have drafted me, and I would have been down the block, Lefrak City, come on man. I just love it. Brooklyn is great, it’s great that they have an NBA team, they’re gonna be the loudest team in New York next year when they start playing back because they’ve got Kyrie, they’ve got Kevin Durant and they building right there. They gonna be awesome. I can’t wait; it’s gonna be awesome, I love it. I love to see the Nets where they at right now, it looks good.”

Ian Eagle: “You mention Drazen Petrovic, really a unique player and a very unique person in the way that he approached things. What are your memories playing alongside him?”

Kenny Anderson: “Drazen Petrovic, you know, he taught me a little just by looking at him, he taught me how to be a pro, you know, coming early, leaving late, working on things that, you know, your shot and working on your body. (He) was real quiet and I got to know him a little bit, but not like I wanted to, you know, but he was a, I’m talking about, he left (the) Portland Trailblazers, who gave him that pro mentality, I believe, and he brought it to him with the Nets and, um, he worked extremely hard, he was a good guy, he was just a great guy, just a great guy.”

Ian Eagle: “Kenny, how about Drazen as a player and as a competitor, what are your memories?”

Kenny Anderson: “As a player, he was just terrific. He could shoot off the screen, he could shoot off the bounce, he was a legit two. But he was a great two-guard, you know, off the dribble he could beat you, you know, come off screens, he could flat out shoot the rock. I really believe we would have had something really, really great if Drazen Petrovic, you know, there’s no telling what would have happened with the Nets. They wouldn’t have gotten Jason Kidd or whoever, you know what I’m saying. But if Drazen would have lived, he would have signed a long-term deal, Derrick (Coleman) would have signed and stayed with the Nets, I would have, you just never know. But it was great playing with those guys, awesome.”