Yankees' 10 longest home runs of 2020

The Bronx Bombers were once again one of Major League Baseball's most prolific home run-hitting teams over the course of the 2020 regular season, collecting 94 blasts in 60 games to trail only the White Sox for tops in the American League.

Luke Voit was the team's biggest contributor leading the entire league with 22 homers, making him the first Yankee to lead the majors in home runs since Alex Rodriguez in 2007.

Each of the Yankees’ 10 longest homers this season traveled at least 430 feet, and the usual suspects once again ended up near the top of the 2020 rankings, namely Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and Gary Sanchez.

But players like Gleyber Torres and Mike Ford also joined the hard-hitting group with some epic blasts of their own this past season, so let’s now take a look at the 10 longest Yankees blasts of 2020.


1) Giancarlo Stanton - July 25 vs. Erick Fedde - 483 feet, 121.3 mph
Giancarlo Stanton has become a Statcast legend with his physics-defying power over the years, and his biggest blast of the season also marked the second-longest home run hit by any player in the big leagues in 2020.

2) Aaron Judge - August 2 vs. Matt Barnes - 468 feet, 107.4 mph
With his mammoth physique and athleticism to match, The Judge has delivered countless memorable homers during his young career, and his 468-foot moonshot on August 2 against the rival Red Sox was his deepest shot of the year.

3) Giancarlo Stanton - July 23 vs. Max Scherzer - 459 feet, 112.2 mph
As if it weren’t impressive enough to crush a baseball over 450 feet, to do so off of one of the best pitchers in baseball history puts an impressive cherry on top of this towering home run for the former MVP. This dinger was also the first home run hit by any player in 2020.

4) Giancarlo Stanton - October 6 vs. Tyler Glasnow - 458 feet, 118.3 mph
It was a playoff performance for the ages for Giancarlo Stanton in 2020. This eye-popping 118+ mph shot was one of six homers he hit this postseason, all of which occurred across five straight games. No Yankees player in history had ever accomplished that feat.

5) Gary Sanchez - August 14 vs. Ryan Brasier - 457 feet, 109.7 mph
While Gary Sanchez’s batting average may have garnered more attention than his home run figures this season, he still managed to bash some epically long homers like this one against Boston.

6) Aaron Judge - August 1 vs. Zack Godley - 455 feet, 110.8 mph
There might only be one sound sweeter than the barrel of a bat crushing a ball 455 feet over the outfield fences, and that’s the sound of the opposing pitcher shouting in anguish after realizing what he’s just served up.

7) Gary Sanchez - August 30 vs. Drew Smith - 453 feet, 108.0 mph
One of the most memorable home runs by any Yankee this season, The Kraken’s epic go-ahead grand slam against the crosstown rival Mets might have been tops on the list. Be sure not to miss the satisfying CLANG the ball makes upon landing in the metal bleachers.

8) Luke Voit - October 8 vs. Ryan Thompson - 453 feet, 108.3 mph
All hail the MLB Home Run King! The standout slugger capped off his epic home run campaign with one of the longest blasts of the postseason, and not only that, it was his first career playoff home run. Not a bad way to start things out.

9) Giancarlo Stanton - September 29 vs. Cam Hill - 443 feet, 116.1 mph
Once again, a Stantonian blast finds its way onto the Yankees' top-10 list as this Wild Card homer against the Indians put New York up by double-digits en route to a two-game sweep against Cleveland.

10) Gleyber Torres - September 9 vs. Tanner Roark - 438 feet, 107.4 mph
Gleyber Torres may not have realized it at the time, but with his two-run blast to put the Yankees on the board September 9 against Toronto, he would help kick-start a season-high 10-game winning streak for the Yankees which began on this night against the Blue Jays.

The nickname of “Bronx Bombers” has been around for decades, but these 2020 Yankees proved once again that it still rings true.