DJ LeMahieu named 2019 Gold Glove Finalist

DJ LeMahieu looking to add his fourth career Gold Glove Award.|Art or Photo Credit: USA Today

LeMahieu, a three-time Gold Glover with the Rockies, enjoyed an outstanding season in his first year with the Yankees in 2019, spending time across the diamond at first, second and third base.

LeMahieu's versatility and consistency on both sides of the ball helped him become a central contributor in the Yankees lineup throughout the season, with many fans considering him to be New York's team MVP for 2019.

Joining LeMahieu as AL Gold Glove finalists for second basemen are Houston's Jose Altuve as well as Chicago's Yolmer Sanchez.

Yankees fans might be wondering why Aaron Judge, widely regarded as one of the best defenders in MLB, was not named a finalist for AL right fielders, but per Rawlings' official qualifications Judge did not meet the required innings threshold in his team's first 142 games.

"To qualify for consideration for a particular position, a player must have played a minimum number of games or innings (based on position) at that position," Rawlings' official website states.

"All infielders and outfielders must have played in the field for at least 713 total innings through his team's 142nd game: this equates to playing in the field for approximately 7.5 innings per game in approximately 67% of his team's games by his team's 142nd game; this ensures that only full-time players are considered."

Through his first 142 games this season Judge played 667 1/3 innings in right field, falling shy of the required 713-inning mark.
For the full list of AL Gold Glove finalists, check out the video below.