CenterStage podcast guests

Since its inception in 2002, CenterStage has welcomed some of the biggest names from sports and entertainment. With host Michael Kay leading the way, viewers of CenterStage have gotten a unique glimpse inside the journey and accomplishments of such people as Derek Jeter, Serena Williams, Spike Lee, Yogi Berra, Jon Bon Jovi, Sarah Jessica Parker, Joe Namath, John Cena and a whole host of other great names.

Now, this Emmy Award-winning treasure trove of audio content is available via the CenterStage podcast from the YES Network.

Each week, YES dives into its vast library to release a CenterStage podcast interview from the past. Below is a listing of the guests that have been released so far. For new episodes, be sure to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

Joe Torre: Listen

Dave Winfield: Listen

Paul O’Neill: Listen

Sugar Ray Leonard: Listen

Bobby Knight: Listen

Mike Tyson: Listen

Matthew Broderick: Listen

Larry David: Listen

Shaun White: Listen

Rachael Ray: Listen

Shaquille O’Neal: Listen

Mark Messier: Listen

John Cena: Listen

Alec Baldwin: Listen

George Foreman: Listen

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo: Listen

Julius “Dr. J” Erving: Listen

Terry Crews: Listen

Sarah Jessica Parker: Listen

Chazz Palminteri: Listen

Ron Howard: Listen

Jimmy Connors: Listen

Stephen A. Smith: Listen

Bobby Orr: Listen

Jeff Daniels: Listen

Jim Abbott: Listen

Earl “The Pearl” Monroe: Listen

John Lithgow: Listen

Phil Collins: Listen

Paul Simon: Listen

Bill Parcells: Listen

Kurt Warner: Listen

Kristi Yamaguchi: Listen

David Wells: Listen

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