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Sunday | 09.23.07
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This week on YES' Ultimate Road Trip, the cast was challenged to make a movie capturing their experience at Camden Yards. Using the JVC Everio and docking station, the road trippers edited their footage and are proud to reveal the final product.   WATCH >
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Road Trip Blogs
URT's Bakersfield (CA) native Shelli gives her thoughts on the contest and the Yankees.
After growing up in the shadows of Yankee Stadium, URT's Indio talks Bombers, YES contest.
Brenda remembers her first trip to Yankee Stadium and shares her love for A-Rod.
Big city dreams and deep Yankees roots have URT's Justin talking pinstripes, winning it all.
This week, Eddie discusses A-Rod's raw talent and believes this is the year for No. 13.
Librarian tough? We'll find out as URT's Dougy looks forward to surprising the Yankees masses.
Road Trip Video
  • Toronto trip
    The Road Trippers spend a day in Toronto. A-Rod gets plunked. Watch: 350K 
  • Rickshaw challenge
    Our Trippers take part in a rickshaw challenge to go to Toronto. Watch: 350K 
  • End Game?
    One Road Tripper is nervous he's going to be eliminated. Watch: 350K 
  • The Ball Hunt
    The Road Trippers compete in a baseball hunt. Watch: 350K 
  • Pikes Peak
    The Road Trippers pay a visit to the top of Pikes Peak in Colorado. Watch: 350K 
  • At the Apartment
    The cast shows us their pad, and give a peek inside themselves. Watch: 350K 
  • The Cup Bet
    Shelli and Indio settle a friendly wager on a trip to the Stadium. Watch: 350K 
  • The Lotto
    Three of the URT cast try their hand at a numbers game. Watch: 350K 
JVC: The Perfect Experience