Win a Yankees or Nets hat

12/06/2012 3:37 PM ET
Hats for the Holidays

YES Network made the holiday season just a little bit better by giving you the opportunity to score a Yankees or Nets hat. Just by following @YESNetwork on Twitter, finding the daily #HatsForTheHolidays, retweet the tweet, and answering the trivia question correctly to be eligible, these 14 folks scored themselves some new gear. Congratulations! Official Rules

Dec. 7
Question: When was the first regular season Yankees game broadcast on YES Network?
Answer: April 1, 2002
Winner: @debesq97

Dec. 8
Question: When was the first regular season Nets game broadcast on YES?
Answer: October 30, 2002
Winner: @ThatSportsGuyNY

Dec. 9
Question: Which YES broadcaster is a former Knicks first-round draft pick?
Answer: Greg Anthony
Winner: @BrooklynNets11

Dec. 10
Question: Which YES broadcaster co-wrote Derek Jeter’s book "Life You Imagine"?
Answer: Jack Curry
Winner: @RMGJr4

Dec. 11
Question: Who was the subject of the very first episode of Yankeeography?
Answer: Derek Jeter
Winner: @chrisgotwittter

Dec. 12
Question: Who did the Nets play for their first regular season game broadcast on YES Network?
Answers: Atlanta Hawks (New Jersey Nets) and/or Toronto Raptors (Brooklyn Nets)
Winner: @AJM617

Dec. 13
Question: Who was the subject of YES Network's very first episode of CenterStage?
Answer: Joe Torre
Winner: @jwongnyy

Dec. 14
Question: Name one of the #NetsonYES color analysts for the 2012-13 Brooklyn Nets season.
Answers: Greg Anthony, Mike Fratello, or Jim Spanarkel
Winner: @mikealaguna

Dec. 15
Question: Which Nets reporter was inducted into the Chicagoland Sports Hall of Fame?
Answer: Sarah Kustok
Winner: @SCrociata

Dec. 16
Question: What was the final score of the Nets vs. Bulls game on Saturday, Dec. 15?
Answers: 83-82 Bulls
Winner: @Alygirl9793

Dec. 17
Question: Which current YES Yankees analyst has also pitched a Perfect Game?
Answer: David Cone
Winner: @GianniLobikis

Dec. 18
Question: Which YES Nets announcer is nicknamed "Czar of the Telestrator"?
Answer: Mike Fratello
Winner: @kaleighherman

Dec. 19
Question: Who did the Yankees play in their first regular-season game on YES?
Answer: Baltimore Orioles
Winner: @JudsonK_17

Dec. 20
Question: Which game was the featured Yankees Classic that aired on Dec. 20?
Answer: Yankees vs. Mets, Game 5 of the 2000 World Series
Winner: @Amags7 comments