10 Years of YES: Milestones

02/22/2012 2:12 PM ET
By staff

• First YES talent on the air: Fred Hickman

• First words spoken on YES: "Your attention please, ladies and gentlemen, you're watching the YES Network, the home of champions." (spoken by long-time Yankee Stadium P.A. announcer Bob Sheppard at the top of the YES Network preview show, Stepping Up To The Plate)

• First CenterStage aired: Joe Torre, premiered March 23, 2002

• First Yankeeography aired: Derek Jeter, premiered March 22, 2002

• First affiliate: DirecTV (announced February 5, 2002)

• First cable affiliate: RCN announced February 19, 2002)

• First commercial: Chrysler (Chrysler Advantage)

• First Yankees Spring Training game telecast: March 19, 2002 (Cincinnati vs. Yankees)

• First Yankees regular season game telecast: April 2, 2002 (Orioles vs. Yankees)

• First Nets game aired: October 30, 2002 (Nets vs. Atlanta)

• First Ivy League football game: October 12, 2002 (Cornell vs. Harvard)

• First Ivy League basketball telecast: January 11, 2003 (Dartmouth vs. Harvard women)

• First Mike & the Mad Dog simulcast: March 19, 2002

• First HD production: July 1, 2004 Red Sox-Yankees telecast

• First cable YES National affiliate: Bright House Networks (Florida): April 2009

• First installment of Yankees Extra Innings: April 2010

• First installment of Post Game Plus: April 2, 2007

• First high school basketball telecast: February 7, 2003 - from the Primetime Shootout in Trenton, N.J.: St. Anthony's (Jersey City) vs. R.J. Reynolds (Winston-Salem, N.C.)

• First advertisers: Continental Airlines, Coors Brewing Company, Tri-State Dodge Dealers, Sears, American Honda Motor Company and Corona.

• YES' Launch Date Lineup:
   o 12 noon - YES Network preview show, Stepping Up To The Plate
   o 12:30 pm - Baseball As America documentary
   o 1:30 pm - Mike and the Mad Dog simulcast
   o 6:00 pm - Yankees pre-game show
   o 7:00 pm - Reds vs. Yankees Spring Training game telecast comments